*Limited Edition of 15* Signed & Numbered FANTASMAS Photo Book + Unreleased Photo Print + Poster

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A limited edition of the first 15 copies of FANTASMAS: numbered, signed, and wrapped in a golden sleeve with an unreleased photo print from the series, and a silkscreen poster - all for 30€.

FANTASMAS is a first edition of 70 copies. Each cover has been silkscreen printed by hand to offer you a rainbow of colours to choose from: pick your own!

Photography: Kamila K STANLEY
Editorial Design: Fanny MYON
Typesetting: Álvaro FRANCA
Translation: Marcia FREGOLON
Self published in December 2017
64 pages
144 x 200 mm
Softcover with fold-out silkscreen printed poster
With texts in Portuguese, English & French

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